International Women's Day
date:2022-03-09 views:

On March 8th, our company ushered in the annual International Women's Day.  Since its establishment, the grassroots employees and managers, the number of female staff has been more than half. In order to enhance the feelings between employees, we organized the "new era of meritorious service, women shine" symposium, "caring for women, I am independent, I am beautiful" . We have obtained the majority of female employees' positive response and participation, truly embodies the "people-oriented" corporate values. This meeting enhanced the communication and understanding between female workers, also enhanced the cohesion between workers, centripetal force! After the meeting, the company prepared exquisite gifts for each female staff. All of them said that they would firmly transform the company's care and support for the majority of female workers into working power, based on their own positions, with a more confident attitude, more full of spirit, on the broad stage of the company, bloom out their own youth, and contribute to the high quality development of Ever Grand.