The Tenth Anniversary Celebration--Xuzhou Ever Grand Fasteners
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On May 18, 2012, Xuzhou Ever Grand Fasteners Manufacturing Co., LTD was established. This has been a decade of development and hard work. It has also been an extraordinary decade. During these ten years, we were not afraid of difficulties and keen market insight, courage, seize the opportunity, forge ahead, with fighting hands to write Ever Grand's ten years' history! With the continuous expansion of production scale, the improvement of product quality, we have established our popularity and reputation in the industry. In October 2018, we won the "Discovery Xuzhou" Intelligence Cup Science and Technology Selection Activity "The most dynamic enterprise for development"!


As the saying goes, "All things are difficult before they are easy". This is especially true in our startup. Simple equipment, few employees, humble environment... Ten years is a snap, but it means a lot to us. At the beginning, we focused on the special market of high structural fasteners. We carefully cultivate and play the advantages of core competitiveness and bulid our own corporate brand!


Today, all the achievements of Ever Grand are inseparable from the decisions of the company's leaders and the efforts and efforts of the employees. Today, we held the 10th anniversary celebration. All the performances were attended by our employees, it reflects the company's vigorous development atmosphere and the collective sense of honor of the employees. At the same time, we awarded "Old Employee Award" and "Excellent Employee Award" to the people who have worked in the company for more than five years, and encourage the new employees to shine on the Ever Grand's stage.